Why qualify through the Chartered Management Institute?

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) is an internationally recognised provider of qualifications in leadership, management and professional consultancy in association with the Institute of Consulting (IC).

In the current climate, a huge emphasis is put on your performance and employers demand more skills and qualifications than ever before. The CMI framework offers practical, proven solutions for individuals, businesses and education providers alike. Their mandate is to create better led and managed organisations; that's why over 100,000 people have enrolled in CMI accredited courses to accelerate their careers.

Qualification Structure

CMI qualifications come in various levels, depending on how in-depth you choose to study and how much time you would like to commit. The qualifications are built around a credit system which gives you an indication of how long they take to complete; for example 1 credit represents around 10 hours of study.

  • CMI Awards

    Awards are the shortest and most concise qualifications the CMI offer. They require you to complete 5 to 10 credits, which equals roughly 50 to 100 hours of learning plus a number of CMI assessed assignments.

  • CMI Certificates

    Certificates are more in depth and require the student to complete 13 to 20 credits, which equates to around 130 to 200 learning hours plus a selection of CMI assignments. The time needed to complete the certificate provides students with a broader range of knowledge and skills.

What are the benefits of gaining your Chartered Management Institute qualification through Frontier Distance Learning?

  • Improve your Professional Skills
    By completing your qualification through Frontier Distance Learning, you will have a competitive advantage with exclusive access to a range of unrivaled resources, 1:1 mentoring, live webinars and ongoing support. You will also be automatically enrolled in the CMI membership scheme which offers benefits including further qualifications, courses, and subscription to their extensive online library.

  • Raise your Confidence, Competence & Credibility
    All of our courses go above and beyond what you would expect from a distance learning experience to equip students with the necessary hard and soft skills to meet challenges head on. We ensure that you not only meet the minimum requirements to pass the course, but exceed them by including bonus material and extensive networking opportunities. By improving your performance and overall professional effectiveness, you will soon accelerate in your chosen sector.

  • Gain Professional Recognition
    Gain recognition for enhancing your knowledge, understanding and practical application of your skills. Be able to progress through the qualifications to achieve the ultimate accolade, Chartered status, and display your post nominals showcasing your commitment to continuous professional development and your accomplishments.

  • Boost your Earnings
    Research suggests that individuals who hold professional qualifications and relevant memberships can stand to earn an additional £152,000 on average throughout their careers. By enrolling on a Frontier Distance Learning course, you not only have the flexibility to go at your own pace, but also the ability to earn whilst you learn.

  • SRM Alumni Membership
    All students are invited to become lifelong members of the exclusive SRM Alumni network. This not-for-profit association was established to educate, innovate and inspire it's members across a diverse range of industries. They achieve this mission through social events, continual personal development opportunities and relationship building; opening doors for career progression.

Our CMI Accredited Courses

  • £695.00

    £695.00Frontier Consulting & Business Skills Module 1: Introduction to Consulting Essentials

    CMI Level 5 Award
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  • £1,195.00

    £1,195.00Frontier Consulting & Business Skills Module 1 & 2: Introduction to Consulting Essentials and The Client Relationship

    CMI Level 5 Certificate
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What do the professionals say?

Institute of Consulting

“Qualifications provide you with invaluable knowledge and insights whilst boosting your marketability with clients and employers. They are an endorsement of your commitment and capability to deliver added value in the workplace. Whether you’re just starting out, or an experienced professional looking for formal recognition.”