The SRMC® course has been specially designed by subject experts to provide a comprehensive and diverse learning experience that aims to equip individuals with the practical skills, knowledge and competence to operate confidently, and credibly, as a Security and Risk Management Consultant.

Throughout the distance learning course we enable you to achieve a broad and comprehensive understanding of risk management and its associated practices. The goal is to not only significantly improve your skill set and gain a selection of recognised qualifications, but to also develop your practical understanding and widen your future career opportunities. As an example, many of our former students have gone on to secure senior positions within the 'Big Four' consultancies; Energy and Extractives, Aviation, Defence and Media, as well as other leading risk management organisations. The course will also equip you with the skills required to consult in a broad range of risk management and business practices.

Unit 2 looks at travel risk management as both a concept and a practice. You will be guided through key legal and moral duty of care requirements, before analysing the required polices and procedures needed for a robust travel risk management framework. This unit concludes with an exploration into emergency and evacuation planning and will examine real life case studies from leading figures in the travel risk management industry.

Unit outline

    1. Key Documents

    2. Travel Risk Management Resources

    3. Assignment Writing and Referencing - Top Tips

    1. An Introduction to Travel Risk Management

    2. Is this the end of Globalisation?

    3. Globalisation and Travel Risk Management

    4. ISOs and Other Referencing Documents

    5. Summary

    1. Pre- 2020 Business Travel

    2. Covid-19: why travel will never be the same

    3. Post Covid-19: The Return of Corporate Travel and Organisational Duty of Care

    4. Duty of Care: Donoghue vs. Stevenson

    5. Informed Consent and Duty of Loyalty

    6. Case Study: Steven Dennis vs. The NRC

    7. Case Study: The Outcome and Lesson Learnt

    8. A review of the Dennis vs. NRC ruling and its implications

    9. Steve Dennis and the Media Response

    1. Stage 1: Planning and integration

    2. What Should be in a Travel Risk Policy?

    3. Stage 2: Risk Assessments and Treatments

    4. How to Create an Incident Map

    5. Stage 2: Risk Assessments and Treatments Continued

    6. SRM Risk Template

    7. Stages 3 and 4: Journey & Operational Management and Monitoring & Review

    1. Itineraries, Route Planning and Roles & Responsibilities

    2. Transport, Accommodation and Logistics

    3. Kit and Equipment

    4. Medical Kits

    5. Travelling with Medications

    6. Trauma Kits

    7. Packing Medical Equipment

    8. Personal Protective Equipment

    9. Communication Equipment

    10. Grab Bags

    11. Communication Plans

    12. Traveler Training and Administration

    13. Cyber Security

    14. Traveler Briefings

    1. Planning and Processes

    2. Crisis Management Teams

    3. Documentation

    4. Evacuation Case Studies

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