The SRMC® course has been specially designed by subject experts to provide a comprehensive and diverse learning experience that aims to equip individuals with the practical skills, knowledge and competence to operate confidently, and credibly, as a Security and Risk Management Consultant.

Throughout the distance learning course we enable you to achieve a broad and comprehensive understanding of risk management and its associated practices. The goal is to not only significantly improve your skill set and gain a selection of recognised qualifications, but to also develop your practical understanding and widen your future career opportunities. As an example, many of our former students have gone on to secure senior positions within the 'Big Four' consultancies; Energy and Extractives, Aviation, Defence and Media, as well as other leading risk management organisations. The course will also equip you with the skills required to consult in a broad range of risk management and business practices.

Unit 5, Information and Cyber Security, will dive into the online world of information security. This will cover not only cyber but the wider threats and risks related to information, data management and espionage. The Unit provides an opportunity for you to build knowledge and confidence in your awareness of the multiple challenges to organisational security and viability through the loss of information, and of the mitigations necessary to preserve information integrity and availability.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Key Documents

    • Introductory Resource Overview

    • Information and Cyber Security Learning Resources

  2. 2
    • Assignment Guide

    • Unit 5 Assignment Brief

    • SRMC Level 6 - Unit 5 Assignment

    • Assignment Writing and Referencing - Top Tips

  3. 3
    • The New World

    • What is VUCA?

    • A New Paradigm of Management and Leadership in a VUCA World

    • What is the Great Reset?

    • The Great Reset: Resetting the World

    • Risk Management from the Information Security Perspective

  4. 4
    • Espionage

    • What Makes Traitors Tick?

    • Session 2 Summary

    • Top 10 Most Infamous Cases of Corporate Espionage

    • Business Counterintelligence as a Protective Strategy for SMEs

    • Social Engineering - How to Scam Your Way into Anything

    • A Structured Comparison of Social Engineering Intelligence Gathering Tools

    • PWC Report E-Espionage

  5. 5
    • 35 Views of Cyber Risk

    • 35 Views of Cyber Risk by John Donald

  6. 6
    • The Fundamentals of Cyber Security

    • Current and Future Cyber Risks

    • Cloud Computing Services

    • Understand Organisational Responses to Cyber Threats

  7. 7
    • The Digital Business and Society Current and Future Risks

    • NFT's Explained

    • The Digital Business and Society Current and Future Risks Continued

    • Nature or Nurture A Crisis of Trust in the Digital Age

    • Deepfake Videos

    • Artificial Intelligence the 100 Year Study

    • The future of work: is your job safe?

    • UK Government National Cyber Strategy 2022

    • The Big Debate About the Future of Work

  8. 8
    • SRMC Level 6 Feedback