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This level SRMC® Level 7 course has been designed to build advanced knowledge, capability and confidence for security and risk professionals who aspire to excel in their field. The course will allow you to develop your critical thinking and analytical skills, supporting your career development and helping you to gain access to post graduate and master’s degrees at UK universities.

The SRMC® course is designed at postgraduate level to enable students to match their learning to the levels of knowledge that employers increasingly expect from their specialist, management and leadership teams. Through evaluating, analysing and determining strategic approaches to the subject matter, our students will build confidence in their understanding of the issues and risks that face organisations now and will become increasingly impactful in the future. Students will evaluate the impacts of new and emerging technologies, using them within organisations, whilst also recognising the threats that their use by adversaries and competitors may bring. There are increasing issues related to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Environmental, Sustainability and Governance (ESG) concerns and the implications of compliance and demonstrable support to these particular aspects of organisational behaviour. These increasingly important aspects of organisational resilience form a key component of the course.

English Proficiency

This course requires a good standard and degree of fluency in writing and understanding the English language. All international students for whom English is not their first language are required to achieve grade 6.5 or higher in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), an English language proficiency test for higher education.

Applicants will need to have achieved this before applying for the course and at their own expense. Further information about IELTS can be found on the IELTS website.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter, as we aim to provide the best possible educational experience for all of our students. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding this requirement.
  • ATHE Level 7 Security Risk Management Consultancy Diploma

    A postgraduate level Ofqual regulated qualification awarding the post-nominals SRMC (P)

  • Online access 24 hours a day,
    7 days a week

    Complete 4 blended learning units to achieve the Diploma

  • Tutor support
    and guidance

    Expert teaching, support and guidance from specialist academic staff

SRMC® Level 7 Distance Learning

The SRMC® Level 7 course has been curated to help security and risk professionals to develop the broadest possible knowledge and understanding of core and specialised areas of security, risk, and resilience management thinking. The course is at postgraduate level and is designed to challenge and allow you to research and develop higher level skills and capabilities, preparing you for further academic development and career progression.

  • Achieve an industry recognised qualification; the ATHE Level 7 Diploma in Security Risk Management Consultancy.

  • Be fully supported throughout your multimedia distance learning journey. Learn from industry leading lecturers, interactive sessions, tutor guided seminars, 1:1 tutorial options and more.

  • Benefit from membership to the exclusive SRM Alumni; a diverse association designed to educate, innovate and inspire it's members across industries through social events, business opportunities and relationship building.

  • On completion, gain the coveted post-nominals ‘SRMC(P)’ and officially display your accomplishment and professional competency within the Security and Risk Management industry.

Pricing options

Both of the following options include the cost of registration and marking. If your employer is covering this cost (including ELC's), or if you are an employer looking to enrol multiple students please get in touch.

Frontier Risks Group is proud to be an ELCAS Approved Training Provider.

This ATHE Level 7 Diploma in Security Risk Management Consultancy is supported by the ELC scheme. Before enrolling and paying a deposit, students using the scheme must provide their Claim Authorisation Note (CAN).

Frequently Asked Questions

If your questions are not answered here, please get in touch

  • How does this distance learning course work?

    The Level 7 SRMC® Distance Course is delivered to you fully online, using a blend of live and recorded sessions, supported by a range of resources and course features. The course is designed to be accessible to you wherever you are located, as long as you have Internet access.

  • Who teaches the course?

    The course is led by the designated Course Leader, and the various Unit learning sessions are delivered by them with additional subject specialist input. You will be able to communicate with the Course Leader who will support, guide and advise you throughout the programme.

  • What’s the structure?

    The Course is structured in four units, each of the units is eight weeks in duration. Overall, the course lasts for 32 weeks. The Unit outlines are highlighted in the course information above.

  • What if I need to pause or defer my studies?

    No problem - just contact the Course Leader and we will be able to move you to a different cohort.

  • What happens if I fall behind?

    If you are struggling to keep up, or need more time and support, all you need to do is to contact the Course Leader and you will receive the necessary support, guidance and advice to keep you on track. The FRG Team is highly experienced in delivering and supporting online learning and we are here to assist you throughout.

  • What about if I am in a different time zone?

    You have access to the materials 24/7; and all live sessions will be timetabled so that they are able to match time zone requirements of each cohort where possible. In some cases, there will be repeated live sessions to ensure that all students have the opportunity to attend from varied time zones and each live session will be recorded and uploaded for students to listen back in their own time.

  • How many hours per week will I need to study?

    You should expect to complete about 15 hours of study and writing in each week of each Unit if you are to meet the course standards. The actual amount of time you spend on the course will depend on the amount of effort that you can commit and your other priorities. However, you will be expected to self-study to build your knowledge and understanding and to prepare for your assignments.

  • I have never studied at this level before, how difficult is it?

    You will need to be committed to your studies and will have to do some reading in your own time. The course is not designed to catch you out, but to provide you with information and content that increases your knowledge. As always, if you feel that you are struggling, all that you need to do is contact the Course Leader for assistance.

  • What type of assessments are there on this course?

    Each Unit has an assessment, and these vary from case studies to presentations, essays and reports. You will be given the timescales, requirements and full details in your Assignment Brief provided by the Course Leader. You must pass all assessments to successfully complete the course. Passes will be graded as ‘Pass’, ‘Merit’ or ‘Distinction’. As always, your course leader will be there to guide and advise.

  • How do I get feedback on my assessments?

    Provisional feedback on marked assessments will normally be given to you electronically within 3 working weeks, if not earlier. Final results will need to be ratified by our accrediting body, ATHE, who externally assess your work once all units are complete. You will receive your final results at the end of this process.

  • Apart from the online sessions will there be any face to face teaching?

    The course will begin with a one-day workshop at our training location near York in the UK. All students are encouraged to attend if they are able to do so. The content of that workshop will be summarised and recorded for those who cannot attend.

  • What are the entry requirements?

    Applicants will need to have completed an undergraduate degree, the SRMC Level 6 Distance Learning Course or other relevant Level 6 programme of study. Level 7 qualifications and Master's degree or higher also give eligibility. There will also be a short interview with the Course Tutor before you will be able to enrol on the course. This will be to discuss the course and your suitability, the commitment required and any further questions that you may have.

  • Sounds great-how do I enrol?

    Choose one of the payment methods outlined above and immediately enrol, or reach out to one of the team if you wish to claim use of your ELCAS or pay via another method. At the start of the course, you will be prompted to fill out a Student Information Form where you will be able to pick your chosen cohort.